We have 3 core values we always comply with.


This goes without saying. The outdoors can be a dangerous place just by the nature of it. There are many things like weather, other users of the environment and equipment that can make turn things around a little. With over 10 years of experience of running the business we have a good understanding of what is safe. We are also proud that since the founding of this company we had no incident.


Well, otherwise we wouldn't do it ourselves. It helps that most people working in the outdoors enjoy their work.


On every trip or course you will learn something new. It may not seem like this on our tours but you do. At our courses learning is a big thing though, without compromising on the former 2 values.

It is important to understand that even though it is and should be in that order we always make sure that all 3 core values are part of our every outing. Some of them go hand in hand anyway. You won't learn much if you don't have fun and enjoy yourself.