The company was founded in 2007 with an idea to provide sea kayaking and hillwalking journeys in the Highlands of Scotland. We started to operate under the name of Explore Highlands to start with but realised that this name is not quite the name we wanted to represent ourselves under.

We changed to Highland Ascent in Spring 2008 and started to operate our sea kayaking and hillwalking trips. Right from the start we managed to get some attention and bookings.We started to offer 2 day sea kayaking trips in Skye and at the Summer Isles and hillwalking some hillwalking at the west coast of the Highlands. In winter of 2010/11 we added winter skills and mountaineering courses. We offered some 2 and 5 day winter skills courses and ascending Ben Nevis in the winter. We also added some river kayaking to our programme.

In sping of 2012 we made our biggest change and renamed the company to Unexplored Scotland, changed the website with better online booking and changed our programme to pretty much what it is now. Why did we change the name to Unexplored Scotland? the name Highland Ascent was too limited as in the location and ascent means to climb up somewhere, which you don't do when kayaking. Therefore Unexplored Scotland is broadening our scope in many ways.

Ever since we started off in 2007 each year has been better than the previous year. We also constantly improve what we do and what equipment we use.

Another great and exciting change came in early 20017 when we changed the the website design and moved to a new domain. The booking is now also managed by a more interactive system and booking will be easier to process.