Qualifications can help you in future. It is a certificate of competence and with a White Water Award you can progress to higher qualification. Here are some things you can do after passing a BCU White Water Award.

  Leadership - White Water Kayak Leader

  Coaching - Canoe and Kayak Coach (Sheltered Water)

  Clubs - Join a club with confidence

river kayaking Randolph's Leap


White Water Award Training
2 Day

White Water Award Training

Two-day course based in the Inverness area to prepare candidates for the BCU White Water Award Assessment. Rivers we use are the River Ness, Middle Findhorn, River Spey and River Oich.

White Water Award Assessment
1 Day

White Water Award Assessment

The White Water Award Assessment determines the ability to paddle a grade 2 river confidently. For the assessment, we are most likely to use either the River Ness or Oich. You will also need to be able to perform a roll on flat water.