Training Lesson - Get to know the equipment

  Avalanche Awareness - Avoid getting caught out

  Conditions - Planning ahead considering weather and snow

While out in the mountains safety is always paramount for yourself and anyone in your group. Learn how to plan a day and be prepare for anyeventuality in the mountains.


Winter Skills Course
2 Days
1:6 Ratio

Winter Skills Course

The winter skills course based in the Aviemore area offers the people to gain the skills for going out in the winter hills. You will also gain the confidence to go out in the winter with a safe plan in your pocket.

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Winter Mountaineering Course
5 Days
1:6 Ratio

Winter Mountaineering Course

Very in depth course to have all the tools to survive in the winter even when things go wrong. You will also spend a night in a snowhole in the mountains.

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Bespoke Courses Groups From £55 per person

Get in touch for bespoke group bookings and get a better deal.

Hire Boots From £10 per day

Get in touch and we will help you to hire the right boots.


winter mountain wildlife

Respect Wildlife

There is a lot of wildlife in the hills like ptarmigans and blue (mountain) hare.

winter mountain crampons

Respect Nature

The Cairngorms has a unique environment and is worth preserving. This should be considered when wearing crampons.

winter skills course


Be safe on the hills and vigilant of any dangers, whether they are objective or subjective.