Mountains are Calling and I must Go!

It is sometimes advisable to employ a Mountain Leader, because the Scottish hills can be a wee bit more demanding than what you may think. Here you get some worry free trips in the scottish hills and can have a laugh at the same time too. It's really great to wander about in the sticks and know also that it is so much quieter than anywhere else in the UK.
At Unexplored Scotland we always focus on the safety of our clients, make sure you have fun and also learn something about the environment, the people and localities. The Scottish hills have much to offer. Learn on how the gabbro rock in the Balck Cuillins have been created, while you walk on it or simply have a look at some of the fauna and flora. Explore the rolling hills of the Ciarngorms and find out that there is more to them than meets the eyes. Hillwalking is more than just hillwalking when you go on one of our trips.

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Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Cairngorms, Ben Nevis, Torridon

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Ben Nevis summit

Ben Nevis

Mountain, Outdoor Adventure

There are many ways to the summit of Ben Nevis. We at Unexplored Scotland always try to ascent the mountain through alternative routes and never ...

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