Get Adventurous on Snowy Mountains

This winter we offer a great choice of winter skills courses and winter walking trips.

The 2 Day Winter Skills Course will offer clients the ability to walk in the Scottish in the Winter. You will learn how to walk on snow and ice as well as kicking steps, cutting steps, using your ice axe and crampons. Additionally you will also be able to ice axe arrest.

The 5 Day Winter Skills Course offers the same as the 2 day course but will also equip the clients with navigation skills required in the hills. Since winter navigation is much more difficult than navigation in the summer it will be a skill worth the while learning. The highlight of the course is a 2 day expedition in winter hills with either digging a snow hole or using tents.

Guided walking is also a great option to enjoy the Scottish winter hills. You can walk in the hills with the knowledge that you are safe and sound. Unexplored Scotland offers either one day or 3 day winter hillwalking in the Cairngorms or Fort William and Ben Nevis area. You can also contact the company for bespoke trips.

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Best Seasons:Winter, Early Spring
Popular Location:Cairngorms, Ben Nevis

Winter Trips and Courses

Winter Trips and Courses of 2017/18
Winter Skills Course scotland
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Winter Skills Course

2 Days

Our 2 day winter skills course runs every weekend from early January to early April. We only teach practical skills, which will help you have a great time in the Scottish Winter mountains. Can't find the right date or ...

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Ben Nevis Camping
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Ben Nevis Winter Camping

2 Days

Our newest adventure introduced in winter 2017. This is the ultimate of ascending the highest peak of Scotland. Camping on the summit of Ben Nevis. Can't find the right date or trip? Simply contact us and we will try ...

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Winter Mountaineering Course Scotland
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Winter Mountaineering Course

5 Days

Our fantastic 5 day winter mountaineering course for people who would like to learn a bit more than just the basics. The last 2 days are an expedition in the hills where you learn how to navigate in winter conditions ...

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outdoor activities scotland

    Personalised Service

    1-12 Days

    With Unexplored Scotland you can get your own instructor who can then provide a trailor made trip or course for you. Can't find the right date or trip? Simply contact us and we will try our best to organise ...

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