Personalised Service

From: £60.00

With Unexplored Scotland you can get your own instructor who can then provide a tailor made trip or course for you.


With our pricing, we try to make it as cost effective for you as we possibly can. The smaller the ration the more you will learn in a day since it is more intensive and the instructor can concentrate on just one or a few individuals rather than a large group. The higher the ratio the more cost effective it will become.

Please contact us for a private session. This way we can make sure that there will be an instructor available for you.

We offer many great trips and courses within the Highlands of Scotland.

  • Sea kayaking
  • Hillwalking
  • Winter mountaineering
  • River kayaking
  • and much more

Can’t find the right date or trip? Simply contact us and we will try our best to organise a different date for you.