In recent months I have been very busy running winter skills courses. It has been a very busy 3 months with many courses running at full or almost full capacity. By running the courses this year on the west coast I have also covered more areas with more challenging conditions. January and February were pretty wet and mild but also very windy. In many cases, we couldn’t go very high up due to the high winds. Contrary to the conditions we have managed to get many people through our 12 courses in various locations. Areas we have been to were Aonach Mor, Glencoe, Creag Meagaidh and the Northern Corries in the Cairngorms. In some cases, it was really good to see how good winter navigation works in whiteout conditions. Even though the winter was pretty lean we managed to dig snow holes on 7 courses and didn’t discover any from the previous week. It’s great to know that there are some great snow magnets in the Cairngorms. I’m looking forward to a great summer and next year’s winter season. I hope that many people can join us again for some fun courses in the Cairngorms near Aviemore