What about us?

Tours and Courses

We have a great selection of tours and courses and accommodate clients from all around the world. At Unexplored Scotland we want to show everyone the best parts of Scotland.

Responsible Travel

At Unexplored Scotland we always follow a code of responsible Travel. We make sure that all rubbish is taken with us, all camp fires are done in a responsible way and covered up afterwards and that we support local businesses.

Mission & Values

Our highest priority is great quality of service and safety at all our activities. We are proud to have zero incidence since the creation of Unexplored Scotland with a high customer satisfaction.

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Unexplored Scotland was founded in 2008 and from the start the mission was to make outdoor trips something special and different. Like everyone who likes the outdoors we like to have a bit of fun too. Everything we do has safety, fun and learning in it. That order seems a good balance to come back from our trips and want to do more.

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More about us!

One of our most important mission statements for any trip we do is Responsible Travel. We always have the environment and local communities in mind and act accordingly. Unexplored Scotland is also member of the Leave No Trace organisation which helps outdoor centres to look after the environment using common sense and science to.

What we do

Some of the things we do. There is something for everyone.


It is sometimes advisable to employ a Mountain Leader, because the Scottish hills can be a wee bit more demanding than what you may think. Here you get some worry…

Snow & Ice

This winter we offer a great choice of winter skills courses and winter walking trips. The 2 Day Winter Skills Course will offer clients the ability to walk in the…

Outdoor Adventure

The outdoors is a fantastic place and in particular at the Scottish Highlands. You can do anything you like. The most popular adventures in Scotland is Hillwalking but it becomes…

Sea Kayaking

Always wanted to explore a coastlines from a different with a difference? Or have you been sea kayaking before, but want to stretch the imagination? Sea kayaking Scotland with us…

River Kayaking

We offer 3 star white water river kayaking training and assessments in the Highlands of Scotland. 3 star paddlers should be able to kayak down a grade 2 river with…

People Power

Our Guides are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

A Unique Service

We are proud to present out highly qualified and motivated instructors. We are always keen to offer everyone a fun experience and on our courses teach only practical skills and not just because they are somewhere in a textbook.

Tim Oates

Tim has been with us since early 2015 for the busy winter season. He has world wide experience in mountaineering and has also worked in the middle east, Asia and Europe. He is however very much at home at the British hillside. He is a very experienced mountaineer and has been running some of our […]

Andreas Heinzl

Andreas has founded Unexplored Scotland in 2008 and has gone from strength to strength since then. His innovation to offer outdoor activities at a high standard has driven the company to what it is today with a great programme of sea kayaking, hillwalking and winter mountaineering.  His outdoor experience took him all over Scotland and […]

Choose your tools!

Apart from great Instructors Unexplored Scotland also has the right tools to do the job. We are only providing the best equipment and offer the best food at our outings (when food is included).
We are the only independent outdoor provider in Scotland who:

  • Offers waterproof cameras to all participants
  • Offer freshly made cappuccino on our sea kayaking trips
  • Provides high quality fibreglass expedition kayaks
  • Offers high quality tents for every participant


Some of the quality equipment we use on our trips and courses.

Outdoor Research
Palm Equipment
“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” –John Muir
Eco Adventures

The Highlands of Scotland have some of the most beautiful remote areas in Europe. Why not explore some of those spots?

Green Tourism

Looking after the environment should go without saying. We always work on a "Leave No Trace" principal.

Work with Locals

For us it is important to support local communities and we do so whenever we can.

Customer Satisfaction

We always have the well-being of our clients in mind and also make sure you have fun on our trips and courses.

Innovative Tours

We always try to keep it fresh. We introduce new tours and courses and make changes with that in mind.

Sustainable Travel

We always use as much people power as possible. Kayaking and mountaineering is sustainable just by the nature of it.

Our History

We were set up in 2007 under the name Highland Ascent and have been Unexplored Scotland since 2012. We have gone from strength to strength from the start.

Core Values

Safety, fun, learning... in that order!