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Whisky Galore

This year Unexplored Scotland has been sea kayaking on Islay for the first time. The original plan was to circumnavigate the island and tick off some of the whisky distilleries on the way. The trip would have been a challenge with good weather but unfortunately that was not to be. After 3 glorious days of […]

Windy Week Sea Kayaking

This week was pretty windy with a constant South-Westerly wind around Skye. This meant that it was hard work paddling at times and that the areas we could go in 5 days was a bit limited. However, we managed to do quite a lot of good sea kayaking including a visit to Eilean Donan castle. […]

Wind, Rain and Seals

Last weekend was the first day of high winds and some force 4 winds in almost 2 months. Starting at Kyleakin we encountered quite a few common seals, who were sheltering from the southerly wind on some small islands near Kyle. We got pushed along a few km paddling north towards Plockton. However, we decided […]

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