Our Camp – The Scottish Wilds

On all of our multi-day tours, we offer wild camping. Scotland has some great places to camp. In Scotland, you have the right to wild camp, which means you can camp anywhere within reason. The emphasis is on “wild”.

Camping or Glamping?

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At Unexplored Scotland, we always try to find some nice spots for our wild camping. On our sea kayaking trips, we not only offer tents, sleeping mats, and sleeping bags, we can also make the stay more comfortable by adding comfortable camping chairs and a tarp to sit under when it’s raining. There is no reason why a camping trip should be roughing it.

On our trip, we always follow 2 of the most important rules for wild camping: The Scottish Outdoor Access Code and Leave No Trace. This means that we make sure that we do wild camping away from any human habitation and roads. We also make sure that we leave the camping area the way we found it or cleaner.

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