Scottish Coastline - hundreds of miles with marine wildlife

Bottlenose Dolphin in Moray Firth

The waters around Scotland have some of the best marine wildlife in Europe. You have the chance to see dolphins, porpoises, whales, otters, basking sharks and last not least seals. On all our trips we make everyone in the group aware of responsible access and how to act when wildlife is nearby.

  Wild coastlines

  Be aware of wildlife


Isle of Skye

Around the Isle of Skye you will find a lot of marine wildlife. The largest concentration is between Raasay and Sleat. Animals you are most likely to see are harbour seals, porpoises, otters and eagles. You may encounter whales, basking sharks or dolphins. Consider yourself lucky if you do.

Northwest Coast of the Highlands

Some of the waters in the northwest are more exposed and therefore it is harder to see wildlife. Nevertheless, it is still there. You may encounter harbour and grey seals, otters, eagles and whales. Dolphins and porpoises are less likely to spot.

Moray Firth

The Moray Firth is well known for its large bottlenose dolphin population. In certain areas it is likely to see them on a good day. You can also find grey seals and whales.