COVID19 and Winter Skills Courses

I’m just trying to be realistic with regards of COVID19 restrictions and Winter Skills Courses.

The announcement of the Scottish Government the week before Christmas 2020 to move all of mainland Scotland into Level 4 till at least 16 January 2021 meant that we can’t run at least the first course of the season. Even if the Highlands move into Level 1 as it was before people are very unlikely to travel from some parts of Scotland and England to the Highlands.

For those people who are booked on a course in January I have offered to move the dates to March when it is more likely to go ahead. Being realistic it is unlikely to run courses in January and February with everyone. I have therefore stopped all new bookings for January and February and concentrate now on March and April.

I hope that you all understand that it is steps I have been forced to do. It is the honest thing to do and I hope that we will see you all in March and April for a great winter course.