Today at a 3 star sea kayaking training we paddled from Rosemarkie to Chanonry Point and then over to Fort George to get away from the easterly winds. On the way we didn’t spot much of wild life apart from a lone common seal having a nosy at us. However, when we got across to Fort George we saw the most amazing display of local Bottlenose Dolphins jumping and fishing I have ever seen. They came over to us several times to have a good look at us and were not bothered about our presence at all. At some stage they got as close as about 2m to the kayaks. This display went on pretty much all day. I have to admit that it was very hard to coach today with all the distraction going on in the background. We even saw Spirtle several times, a dophin that made news because it received severe sunburns last year. It looks like the sunburn has healed very well indeed.

One last note. I wanted to assure readers that we didn’t approach the dolphins and stayed at least 100m away from them. They approached us and were not in the slightest bothered by us. Hence they stayed for the whole 4 hours while we were at Fort Geoge.