Fitting a New Kari Tek Wire Skeg

This year after moving the skeg on some of the kayaks from an off-centre to a centred skeg I had some problems with the skeg getting a bit stuck occasionally and even managed to kink one of them because of that. Kari Tek is always getting rave reviews of their skegs so I thought why not try one of them and see if that makes a difference.

First I had to cut out the old skeg box. It was a wee bit messy but managed to get a nice straight slot and the new box fitted really nice and snug in. I used some thickened resin to glue it in and let it settle overnight.

The next day I cut out the old skeg control. Again it looked a bit messy but there it wasn’t that important as long as the new skeg control fits on top. After that I glued that into position and later poured some thick resin into the back to make it stick and hold in there well.

After another few hours of work I managed to insert the skeg in the skeg box, run the hose from the skeg control to the box and then fit the cable and slider. It’s all working now and it looks pretty good. The new skeg looks pretty big with the vertical position when all the way down. It should be pretty responsive too.

Just need to test it now.