New Kit for 2019 Summer Season

We are always trying to improve what we offer on equipment and have only the highest quality kit. So we bought a few new bits of equipment for the new Summer season.

Some of the new kit are a MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent. That would be in addition to our already existing MSR Access 2 and MSR Remote 2 tents.

We also replaced all Therm A Rest All Season SV with XTherm Max. The Speed Valve on the All Season was really good for pumping up but it was too much hassle to explain it to everyone and even then it sometimes wasn’t used properly and resulted in loosing air at night. The XTherm Max have a standard valve and a pump sack. That should be a lot easier to use.

Therm A Rest has unfortunately stopped selling the Quadra chairs. Therefore we got 2 more Uno chairs. They are just as comfortable, you just sit a little lower.

The one thing we really look forward to using is the Esbit BBQ. It’s a fold-able stainless steel BBQ. It packs down small enough to fit in a sea kayak and is big enough to have several burgers fizzling away on the grill.