Winter Mountaineering Repair Kit

It can be quite handy to have a winter mountaineering repair kit or crampon repair kit. Just imagine you walk along on hard packed nevee snow and suddenly your crampons fall apart. What do you do now? Cry like a baby because you have to cut steps for the rest of the day or pull out a repair kit and fix it. I'm not trying to say that a repair kit can fix any proble with crampons. Once a Friend kicked a step with his crampons and hit a rock with the secondary front point, which in return just broke off. For some crampons it's no problem but they were C3 with the front bar attached to the breakage. The whole crampon fell off and dangled off his ankle. The only way he could continue the climb was by straping a sling around the crampon.

Here is the list of things you can carry with you for basic repairs on crampons.

  • 2.5mm allen key
  • 3mm allen key
  • 6mm spanner
  • Slection of cable ties
  • Selection of nuts and bolts (a lot of crampons come with spare nuts and bolts so use them)