Back to go Sea Kayaking

The advise from the Scottish government and the Scottish Canoe Association Advise for COVID-19 is starting to get a bit clearer now. We should be able to run sea kayaking trips in Scotland when the country reaches phase 3. This is going to happen in mid July at the earliest.

To be on the safe side we made the decision to open up for 1 August 2020. We already have done some work to safeguard participants of our trips. To give people the peace of mind for booking on our tours we have changed the Terms and Conditions. Please read the COVID-19 update blog for more information.

This year we will only run sea kayaking tours in August and September. There will be a 2 day sea kayaking trip in Skye almost every weekend in those 2 months. We also run two 5 day sea kayaking tours in Skye and a Summer Isle trip every other week on Tuesday/Wednesday. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our tours.