New Terms & Conditions During COVID19 Pandemic

We have made some changes to the terms and conditions for booking a course or trip with Unexplored Scotland. Here are the explanations for those changes.

  1. The following conditions will overwrite any previous conditions.
  2. All summer tours are limited to 4 people. (increase in safety for the tour and decrease the possibility of infection with COVID19)
  3. All winter courses are limited to 6 people. (no changes needed for winter courses as there is less of a chance for things to go wrong)
  4. For extra safety on all courses and tours, Unexplored Scotland reserves the right to change the location of a booked event with 2 days notice before the start of the course/tour. (increase in safety for the tour/course; limit the chance to call for rescue; we never had to call rescue on any tour or course we provided in 12 years)
  5. We ask members showing cold or flu-like symptoms to inform Unexplored Scotland and not take part in the event. (to limit the spread of COVID19)
  6. If any participant won’t be able to attend to any course/tour due to self-isolation or any other COVID19 related reasons the course/tour can be rescheduled till the end of 2021 without any extra costs. (gives everyone the peace of mind to book with us)
  7. Re-scheduling has to be agreed with Unexplored Scotland. (so we don’t have additional costs) We will give participants a full refund at the end of 2021 if a re-schedule could not be arranged. (gives everyone the peace of mind to book with us)
  8. Unexplored Scotland is responsible to provide hand sanitisers for each member of the team. (to limit the spread of COVID19)
  9. Participants of any tour or course are responsible to bring their own face coverings. (this should be personal equipment; to limit the spread of COVID19; best would be a buff or similar instead of surgical masks they last longer and fit the purpose for outdoor use)