Took Mollie Hughes and Rachel Keenan out sea kayaking over the last few days. They are in the process of creating a new book called “Blue Scotland“, which is going to be a guidebook for adventures of wild swimming, paddle boarding and sea kayaking in Scotland. Our aim for the trip was to find some great locations to do some sea kayaking and take lots of photos.

For this, we started paddling on Friday at Loch Moidart, explored the loch with a water-based visit to Castle Tioram and then exited the sea loch via the North Channel, before it dried out. At the more open coastline before Glen Uig, it got a wee bitty choppy but managed to paddle around there in good time and finished the day at Peanmeanach. There we had a BBQ with great views. The next day we paddled into the wind to get across Arisaig House and then west along the coast. Before we got to our camping spot we encountered a family of Otters, that played in the water close to the shore. The campsite was at a nice sheltered beach, that provided all the best colours for taking sea kayaking photos. On our last day, we kayaked up to the Isles near Arisaig and visited some of the many friendly seals in the area. They are very much used to sea kayaks.

This was a fantastic trip with great company. I hope we managed to get a lot of good photos done. It was impressive how Rachel managed to kayak with a big heavy SLR camera in a waterproof case on her spraydeck. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos Rachel took and wish Mollie and Rachel the best in writing the book.