Changes for the 2017 Season

At Unexplored Scotland we already provide some great Tours and courses in the Highlands of Scotland. We already provide more and better quality kit to our clients than most other outdoor providers out there. For this year we made some small changes to our kit list.

Mountaineering Rucksacks

Lowe Alpine Mountain Attack

In past years it was our clients’ responsibility to turn up with an adequate 35-45 litre rucksack on our winter skills courses. This has worked to a large extend. However there were some occasions that people turned up with rucksacks either too small or without any attachments for ice axes. This made it then a little trickier to carry all the additional kit like crampons, ice axes and helmets.

Therefore we have decided to offer now a selection of mountaineering bags. We acquired mostly Lowe Alpine bags which have compression straps to carry ice axes and enough capacity to carry all the kit needed for the hills. Below is a list of all the bags we have now.

  • 2 Lowe Alpine Alpine Attack 35-45L

  • 1 Lowe Alpine Mountain Attack 35-45L

  • 2 Lowe Alpine Mountain Attack 45-55L

  • 1 Mountain Technology Ossian 50L

This should give people a choice on what they want to use and they are all really conformable and very simple sacks. The rucksack is provided without any additional cost to our clients.

Sleeping Bags

sleeping bagAnother improvement is that from now on we offer sleeping bags on all our overnight tours and courses. The sleeping bags will be either 3-4 or 4 season synthetic fill bags, which will be good to use at our winter and summer overnight trips. Additionally we also hand out sleeping bag liners for hygiene reasons and we can wash them much easier than the sleeping bags.

Since we have made our costing for our 2017 trips last year and have not considered investing in sleeping bags and the additional work of washing we have decided to have the sleeping bags as an additional option on all our over night trips. This means that for a small fee people can hire the sleeping bags. This will also give us the opportunity to monitor the need for sleeping bag hire on our trip.