Extreme Snowshoeing?

After some of my friends have always been raving over using snowshoes I decided to try them out myself and got myself some top of the range MSR Lighning Ascent snowshoes.

snowshoe in Core an CisteLast week some of the snow was pretty fresh and soft and on the way out from Easy Gully in Coire na Ciste it was quite apparent that it's pretty hard work falling through the deep snow all the time. On Sunday I decided to take my snowshoes along and we stomped straight up the Corrie towards Easy Gully. Even walking uphill was easier than going downhill the previous day without the snowshoes. Even going up the gully at around 30-35 degree it was easier than cutting steps.

My conclusion is that it is a great way to get going on fresh soft snow and even on neve and much easier to walk up steep hills than just with your boots. Also no need to cut trail and rotate the leader around. However, nothing extreme about snowshoeing unless you would do cartwheels or barrel-rolls with them on.