Last Sea Kayaking Trip of 2019 Season

Last weekend was our last Sea kayaking trip for this season. For this Paul and Catherine joined in on the adventure. Since the weather was really good with very little wind and mostly dry we did something different from the usual areas and paddled from Boadford to Raasay and back.

To start of the day we kayaked over to Pabay. There we were greeted by about 20 harbour seals. They seem to be curious enough to to have a look at us but didn’t want to get too close. However, on the way to Raasay, some of the seals followed us for about 10km passed the narrows at Scalpay.

It was a bit of a close call to arrive at Raasay but we just about managed it and got to our camping spot at 5:30pm. When it starts getting dark at 7pm it was a bit close to get the tents up and do all the cooking before you start doing things in the dark. Raasay house also accommodated us for some evening refreshments.

In the morning we could see that the wind has picked up a little. So after a breakfast of freshly made cappuccino and some egg rolls we headed off back towards Broadford. Even on that day we had a few curious looks from some seals, but this time they didn’t stick around for too long.

Paul and Catherine were really good and they picked up on those little tips.