Summer at the Summer Isles

Last week Steven and Victoria went with me on a trip to the Summer Isles. The weather forecast for Saturday was really good and a wee bit windy for Sunday. Due to that we made the most of Saturday and paddled around some of the best spots around the Archipelago. Fist we popped by at Tanera More to have a look how the restoration of the island is getting on. Every time I get there it changes and it’s always a place busy with construction work. I’m really glad that the restoration is done with style and in line of the beauty of the island.

After that lunch break, we kayaked around the south side of Tanera More and then crossed over to Tanera Beag. On the way, we encountered 2 other sea kayaking groups. I guess a few more people made good of the pleasant summer day. After another wee break on a coral beach, we headed out to Isle Ristol for our final stop of the day. There we met a friendly group of kayakers, who we passed earlier in the day. After putting up the tents we had a BBQ at the beach.

The morning saw some of those winds already picking. The advantage was that we didn’t have as many midges as we had in the evening. After a breakfast with the usual cappuccino and egg rolls we headed over to Old Dornie and the walked to the starting point to pick up our cars.

This was a really nice 2 days paddling at the Summer Isle and I hope there will be more like that this year.